Sonus Spotlight: Sjayy

Jersey Dance Hall Anthem King. One of a Kind Producer. Thoro Rap Lyricist. Photographer. Fashion Designer. You may recognize him from his signature and self designed Crown, the “constantly dedicated” young Ugandan American artist seems to have no end to his creative capabilities.

Having had the privilege of meeting him, I can say that in person he comes off exactly how he does in his interviews and music; genuine and authentic. Whether it’s the crystal dangling from his neck or just his natural aura, he seems to radiate positive energy. Also very humble; you’d never know of his mentorship by Skrillex or any of his other accolades unless you asked.

King of Jersey Club anthems, but more than capable as a lyricist, as he shows his range of eloquence through tracks like Sign (ft. Brianna Coble and Paul Mooney), PLIE, and Shot (ft. Sav Wil). While also never letting you forget he can produce a world class sound piece, with melodies like Just Juke, Run!, and Girls Worth (a few of my favorites) he always seems to reach levels of those far beyond him in experience, which can only speak to the potential of his growth and maturation in the years to come.

Check out his interview with the Ant & Jiggy podcast and his XLR8TR Mix below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter

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