Fashion Spotlight: Alejandro Subiotto for Namban

Qornerstone: How old are you and where are you from?

Alejandro: I am 24. I am from Spain and the UK, grew up in Brussels in Belgium. My British dad is actually Italian and German rooted so… just like a very European up bringing for me.

Q: When did you start designing and what sparked your interest?

A: I feel like I’ve always been interested in design. I used to wear crazy sneakers when I was a kid- I found some really cool Nikes on an old picture of me, so I don’t know… It’s something I just always liked. Stuff that looks cool or looks good or looks unique. And I feel like I consciously started creating probably right after high school. My high school experience was like, very deep in the science and maths world, and I took a gap year after my last year of high school. I took an art history class and that’s when I just fell in love with art.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your style of design?

A: I find a lot of inspiration in the images that already exist around me, like I just love going to libraries or old flea markets and going through old magazines, old encyclopedias, Illustrated books; loads of really great, good content just laying around waiting to be discovered, and I love just, like, giving those kinds of images the screen printing treatment.

Q: Which piece/collection holds the most significance to you and why?

A: The piece that holds the most significance for me is actually my most recent which are some pants that have a design printed down just the back leg, and then with like a crotch-area print of my logo. I really like printing in very unorthodox places. I’ve always really liked Evisu jeans. For example, how it’s got like a red line going down both legs. I just want to introduce more, like, a-symmetric approach. But yeah, I’m excited to get that one out.

Q: Which major brand would you be willing to collaborate with and why?

A: So I feel like, down the road, I definitely want to collab with a brand like Brain-Dead or Come Tees. Come Tees is founded by this person named Sonya Sombreuil, shes based in LA. Yeah… but I feel like they kind of introduced me to the idea of using a t-shirt as a canvas.

Q: What difficulties do you find yourself facing as a burgeoning Designer?

A: Right now, the difficulties that I feel like I’m facing as a uoung designer is navigating and balancing the responsibilities of Life- responsibilities of family, you know? Getting health insurance, I don’t know. Pleasing family members, doing my part, while also finding the time to literally sit down, lock myself up in a room, and work. Because there’s a lot of shit to be done and I would really like the opportunity to have just, like a big block of time which I can dedicate to only designing. Which is actually why I’m looking into possibilities of different artistic residencies. There’s one in Japan I want to fly to and I love Japan.


Q: How do you believe you are growing or evolving as a Designer?

A: I feel like recently I’ve been evolving as designer in that, I’ve managed to translate this desire to make art into, like, a streamlined and concrete process where I’m working on specific drops for this specific brand, and it’s no longer aimless wandering around, you know, in the world of creativity. So that’s been like a big step for me. And it’s really motivated me to translate my wishes into, like, actual concrete goals and stuff to work towards every single day in small ways.

Q: How has this Pandemic impacted you and how have you coped?

A: This pandemic had a huge impact on me. I had to move back in with my parents. For the first five, six months, I was actually pretty happy. It was nice. That the whole rest of the World had to come to a halt and I could, you know, just take some time for myself. Take some time to be with family. But quite soon after, I plunged into a really, really bad state of depression. And it took me a while to recover. But, well, people always say that you come back stronger, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. That may be true but I don’t want to over romanticize depression, shit sucks. But on the other hand, I do feel stronger and more creative than ever.

Q: What is your perspective/opinion of the current state of fashion and how would you like to make an impact?

A: I think the fashion world is in a very interesting place creatively, there’s a lot of really cool stuff happening. But then also at the same time I think it’s kind of in a chaotic state right now. Because in terms of sustainability, it’s not really doing a great job. It’s one of the leading polluters of the polluting industries, but I do believe there’s a lot of potential for sustainable habits to be built. I have a lot of friends who’ve done a lot of research into sustainable fabric sourcing, and I think it’s a very exciting area of exploration. It’s definitely something I want to do some research into and I’m currently in talks to find more sustainable fabrics.

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