V20 by Inca Hernandez

“An edifice made of time: What was, what will be, what is”.
– Octavio Paz –


Inca Hernandez is an Architect Graduated from the Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira (UNET) in Venezuela. He has worked on different independent housing and cultural development projects in his native country. In 2015 he moved to Mexico where he had the opportunity to work with world-renowned architects such as Tadao Ando (Pritzker, 1995) and Álvaro Siza (Pritzker, 1992) in projects for Casa Wabi’s Foundation in Oaxaca and New real estate and restoration developments in Mexico City. Currently he has started his own firm Inca Hernández Arquitectura where he develops research, art direction and architecture projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Italy and Colombia.
He has been awarded with Gold Trophy at the 2020 MUSE Design Awards in the Renovation category, First Place Winner at the 2020 Peninsula Awards by the Association of Architects and Interior Designers in Mexico, winner by the elected Jury and public in the 35th cycle of the World Architecture Community WA Awards, Honorable Mention in the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize 2020 in the Restoration & Renovation category, Honorable Mention as a finalist among 744 projects from different 59 countries in the Golden Trezzini Awards 2020. He has been published in different national and international media such as: Dezeen from the United Kingdom, Arquine from Mexico, Divisare from Italy, Metalocus from Spain, AD Russia, Architectural Digest India, Architectural Digest Mexico, ARQA from Uruguay, Glocal Design Magazine from Mexico, Gooood from China, Gestalten from Germany, Yapı Dergisi in Turkey, Trama Magazine from Ecuador, YouBuild Magazine in Italy, World Architects from Switzerland, among others.

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