Artist Spotlight: Dob_at_work

Qornerstone: Just to start, how old are you and where are you from?

Dob_at_work: 44 and I live in Amsterdam, I went to art school in Rotterdam the Willem de Kooning Academy and in NYC School of Visual Arts

Q: When do you believe you first took up art and what compelled you to your particular style?

‘Yummie’- Dob

DOB: I took up art when I was 15. I was always drawing and taking photographs. I have different styles. I make geometrical work as well as expressionistic work. The last one is more conceptual, more critical and has a touch of humor. I like it when people have a smile on their faces when to see my work. Yummie is a good example. The work is critical about consumption and the way we treat animals but it also has a funny side to it.

Q: Where do you find the inspiration for each piece? How important is humoristic expressionism to your artistic vision or ideology?

DOB: I find inspiration in the news and in the way I see people behave around me. For example Advil Rules is inspired on the way people tent to try and heal themselves instead of seeking professional help. The humor is very important. I don’t judge I just point out. And humor helps to get the message across. Humor also helps people to open up to the message.

Q: Are there any other Artists or works of art that have greatly inspired or influenced you?

‘Advil Rules’- Dob

DOB: Hairy Who is a great inspiration. As well as Martin Parr. Martin Parr is a photographer. He has a gift in showing us a very real side of life. Real and funny actually.

Q: How do you believe you’ve evolved as an artist since you began you’re career?

DOB: It took me a long time to find my own style or styles. I was able to work in different styles but they didn’t feel like my own. The humoristic expressionism is totally me. It reflects how I see the world and it comes naturally to me. Same as the geometric work. I like the graphic side of that which resembles how I like to see the world around me. How I see shapes in the world around me.

Q: You believe your work has to carry a message or have a purpose?

DOB: In short yes. But the message can be as small as a cappuccino and as big as global environmental problems.

Q: How has this Pandemic impacted your creative sense, if at all?

DOB: It made even more clear that we as artist have an obligation to address social and environmental issues. I think it’s a very rich source of inspiration.

Q: Would/Have you ever pushed to monetize your art? Why or why not?

DOB: I think art should always be pure. That doesn’t mean that art can’t make you money. There is a whole new generation of artists that, besides being great artist, are also successful at building their own brand and making popstar income. Good for them

Q: How do you feel about the rise of NFTs and how they may impact creative and natural society?

DOB: I think it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The only problem with it (in my opinion) is the high costs.

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